Dental Implants in Rockford, IL

If you are missing teeth, you know that the negative impact hits deeper than almost any other cosmetic shortcoming. In addition to the potential embarrassment of having an empty space where a tooth should be, you're limited in the types of foods you can chew. When teeth are missing, the remaining teeth must do extra work, creating additional stress that could lead to even further tooth loss. For many years, removable dentures offered the only solution to this problem. Even they were not the perfect remedy, slipping at inopportune moments, causing difficulty in chewing, and feeling generally unstable.

Dental implants, as provided at our Rockford office, provide patients with new teeth that look natural and feel completely secure. Comprise of artificial teeth attached to titanium posts that are anchored to the jawbone, dental implants are often described as replacement teeth that look and feel just like your own. David Varland, D.D.S., offers outstanding implant dentistry to his Rockford-area patients to help them put their best smile forward.

Restorative Implants

One of the biggest advantages of dental implants placed at our Rockford office is that they are stand-alone fixtures that don't require any of the surrounding teeth to be altered (as is the case with bridgework). Dr. Varland can craft a new tooth that is not only strong and secure in the gum but also virtually indistinguishable from the rest of your teeth.

One other important advantage is that after the post is placed in the jawbone (a procedure that requires additional surgery by an oral surgeon or periodontist), bone begins to fuse with the titanium. This natural healing process actually improves the entire jaw's stability.

Dental Implants for Denture Wearers

In addition to replacing single missing teeth, dental implants can be used to fill in larger gaps that traditionally called for a full or partial set of dentures. Because standard dentures tend to slip (making chewing and talking difficult), many denture wearers have switched to the permanence and security of implant-supported devices, such as dentures that are held in place with dental implants.

The same implant dentistry techniques used at our Rockford office can sometimes also be used to anchor dental bridges in place and even provide stable docking for full dentures.


The SimPlant® system, a line of implant dentistry tools used at our Rockford office, is centered on computer software that creates 2-D and 3-D images of the jaw. The software shows us the ideal positioning for a patient's dental implants by factoring in the best possible configuration for appearance and function. The SimPlant® system then uses that precise imagery to fashion custom-made surgical drill guides to ensure that the dental implants are placed in the best possible position.

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